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Upper Primary Assembly

  • IB Program PYP Assembly
The first school assembly of this academic year was hosted by Upper Primary students in Grades 3-4. The main purpose of our assemblies is for students to share their learning experiences from their Unit of Inquiry through music, art, drama and presentations. 

The Play

Grade 3&4 Assembly
The Upper Primary students performed a short play about relationships. The play began with groups of boys and girls having an argument about who dominated the stage. They demonstrated how our actions affect friendships and the people around us. The play taught us how problems can be resolved by a peaceful approach. 
Students held up a handmade flag that contained symbols related to peace, namely the Peace Symbol, a Yin Yang, and the Heart Handshake, while singing a song together. The flag represented their class community is about maintaining and developing strong relationships.   
Next, the Upper Primary students showed their community map and a proactive approach to prevent conflicts within their class community by establishing ground rules which everyone in their community agrees upon. 
The key takeaway from this assembly our students shared with us is that our actions towards other people matter. We should think carefully before we say or do something to others.
After the assembly, the Upper Primary students carried out a reflection, illustrating their favorite part of this experience while sharing how they felt and what they learned from the assembly.