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Term 2 Open House Mornings

From February 7-10, 2017, Magic Years opened up its classroom doors to our community of parents for the first Open House Mornings held at the new campus! 
On these days, parents were offered a window into their child’s learning experiences during Term 2 of the 2016-2017 academic year and had a chance to become more acquainted with the key concepts and pillars of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum. 
Parents had the opportunity to closely connect with what their child has been learning, to interact with the physical classroom environment and to foster stronger ties with their child’s teacher. 
Central to Open House Mornings are the sharing of the “taught curriculum” in each class which places emphasis on the process of inquiry and is grounded in the five essential elements of PYP (Concepts, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Action) and the Learner Profile. The Head Teachers thus played a significant role in this regard as they uncovered the way in which the PYP unfolds in the classroom. 
The following questions were used as a framework to elicit a greater, more profound understanding about the curriculum: 
  • Concepts: What do we want students to understand? 
  • Knowledge: What do we want students to know? 
  • Skills: What do we want students to be able to do? 
  • Attitudes: How do we want students to feel? 
  • Action: How do we want students to act as a result of their learning?
  • Learner Profile: How do we want students to embed international mindedness? 
Many parents were seen to be actively engaged with the teachers - making connections, asking questions and initiating meaningful discussion about the curriculum and the process of learning that takes place.
As the week progressed, we continued to witness exciting examples of a growing culture of collaboration between key protagonists of our Magic Years community. Teachers and parents worked side by side in a collective learning environment, geared towards the same ends - to find ways to further enrich the child’s development and learning, both in the school and home setting.

Altogether, it was a week full of valuable insights, of strengthening home-school partnerships and positive advances towards growth for the entire school community. We hope to see such a joyous atmosphere of learning continue to develop as we gain more experiences at the new campus. Thank you again to our Magic Years parents for your support, commitment and participation throughout the week!