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Student Field Trip Week

As Magic Years International School (MYIS) prepares to move to its new campus in January 2017, there is a feeling of excitement in the air. The students have been eagerly anticipating the move and are looking forward to the new classrooms and environments to discover. While moving presents new opportunities for learning and risk-taking, it can also be a stressful life event for children (Darling, 2010). Aware of this fact and the potential anxiety for some students, the school organized a series of field trips for current students to explore the new school campus from November 21-25, 2016.

The schedule of new campus visits were as follows:

  • Monday, November 21: Grade 1-4
  • Wednesday, November 23: Peace & Unity Class (3-4 years)
  • Friday, November 25: Creativity & Service Class (4-5 years) and Excellence Class (5-6 years)

The main purpose of the new campus visits was to prepare students for the big move and to generate curiosity and thinking about future possibilities. The field trip was also designed to give students the opportunity to observe their new classrooms, playgrounds, and shared learning environments.

The Field Trip

Accompanied by teachers, co-teachers, and staff, the students departed the MYIS current campus first thing in the morning. Upon arriving, the students gathered in the brand new amphitheatre where all future assemblies would take place. The students were provided a morning snack in the setting of a picnic lunch. Then the students were informed about the agenda for the field trip and were also made aware of important safety announcements.

The safety announcements included:

  • Students should hold rails when going up and down the stairs
  • Students must stay with their group and assigned buddy during the tour
  • Students must be aware of the safe and non-safe zone which can be explored
  • Students were informed about the use of operations bathrooms
  • Student must keep their hands to themselves and not touch things on the floor

The teachers observed that each group of students responded to the empty classrooms and learning spaces in distinct, age-appropriate ways. Students in the Peace & Unity Class (3-4 years) asked how their bookshelves and toys would move to the new campus with them. Primary Years students imagined how could they furnish the empty classrooms and compared some of the architectural differences between the current and new classrooms. All students exhibited their learning dispositions as active inquirers and thinkers.

To conclude the field trip, students gathered once again in the amphitheatre where they asked questions to the tour leaders while some also engaged in an “I see-I think-I wonder” thinking routine. Overall, the students showed a keen interest in learning more about the new campus and felt more at ease about the upcoming transition!

Primary Years New Campus Trip

Primary Years Field Trip to New Campus

Peace & Unity New Campus Trip

Peace and Unity New Campus Trip


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