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Sports Day

The skies were clear and the sun was shining bright and strong on February 3rd 2017 - perfect for our first Sports Day at the new Samakee campus! 
The event began with students marching towards the main sports area with their class, each representing a different country - Peace & Unity (3-4 years) represented Denmark, Creativity & Service (pre-K) as Argentina, Excellence (Kindergarten) as the United Kingdom, Lower Primary (Grades 1-2) as the USA and our Upper Primary (Grades 3-4) as Thailand.
Our Head of School then welcomed everyone with warm greetings and excitement for the day’s events and took the opportunity to thank all those who worked tirelessly in making the transition from the old campus to the current one, a smooth and successful process. She also shared the significance of Sports Day in cultivating a specific aspect of the IB learner profile - enabling and encouraging young people who are risk takers. 
To warm us up for a day filled with vigorous activity, students from Creativity & Service (pre-K) enthused the crowd and their fellow schoolmates with exciting cheers that lifted everyone’s spirits! This was followed by the lighting of the torch by students from Excellence (Kindergarten), marking the official beginning of Sports Day!
The activities were many and each specific one was chosen to suit the physical development of individual classes at their respective level and capacity. Games such as Balls Out Balls In, Dress Me Up!, Sprint!, Tug of War, Sponge Ball, Zig Zag, Obstacle Course Relay Race, soccer and the 3 Legged Race were among those played. 
Parents showed their wholehearted support as they cheered their children on and students did the same for their teachers and parents as they watched them tug on rope with strength and much determination during a very tight battle of Tug of War! Such a joyful and high spirited atmosphere was felt throughout the day as everyone encouraged each other, supported one another and ensured that every individual had a chance to participate in one way or another. 
As the day’s events came to a close, we were reminded that it was most important not who wins or loses, but rather, in learning about sportsmanship, effort, and in accepting whatever the result with grace and humility. 
Thank you again to our Magic Years community for a fun-filled Sports Day! We look forward to the next one!