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Songkran Celebration 2017

Songkran, the festival of water, is a time of transformation, change and renewal. It is also a time to celebrate the passing of the previous year and to embrace the coming of a new one. Each year, Magic Years celebrates this day with all our students, their families and the rest of the school community. This year, all gathered on April 5, 2017 to commemorate this special day for the first time at the new campus, highlighting Thai culture in its many forms and in welcoming in another year together.
To begin celebrations for the day, students participated in a costume parade, each wearing colorful and unique Thai traditional wear as they marched towards the school’s amphitheatre for the opening assembly. The Upper Primary (Grade 3-4) students played host to the morning program. They welcomed everyone to the opening assembly and took us through a brief history behind the Songkran festival as well as the customs practiced on this day, doing this in both Thai and English. They then welcomed their friends from Lower Primary (Grade 1-2) to the stage to demonstrate how the popular Thai traditional game, ‘Ngoo Gin Harng’, otherwise known as the Tail-eating Snake is played. This was followed by a musical performance by the Excellence Class (5-6 years) who played a famous Thai traditional  song from the northeast of Thailand called ‘Toey Khong’. Each class showcased a different element of Thai culture, bringing to light the richness and diversity of Thai life. 
A customary practice of the Songkran Festival is the pouring of water by those younger onto the hands of elders, seeking their blessing for the upcoming year. In keeping with this tradition, each class took part in this practice to show respect and reverence for the festival and in showing gratitude to their parents. Some teachers also prepared Thai games in the gym, enjoyed by each class at different times during the day.
It was yet another fun-filled time celebrating Songkran at the school with all our students, their families, teachers and staff. We look forward to more celebrations like this in the years to come!