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Peace & Unity Assembly

For the third assembly of the term on March 16, 2017, our Peace & Unity Class (3-4 years) hosted our Magic Years community for a presentation of their learning from their latest Unit of Inquiry. For this term, they learned about tools, how people use tools and how these tools help people in their different lines of work.  
They began by sharing with us the many ways the class went about their exploration into tools. Notable to this process was how parents volunteered their time at different points during the term to help them through their learning journey.  Parents contributed by sharing with the class how tools are used in their field of work, giving the children many practical examples of the many ways tools are used.
To further this understanding, learning spaces within the classroom were transformed into inquiry centers for tools. This included a bicycle repair station, a restaurant booth and a pizza making corner. These spaces provided environments for the children to explore themselves, the way tools are used in various settings.
Their learning was also extended during a field trip to Domino’s Pizza where they had the chance to see how kitchen tools were used in a commercial kitchen. It was evident that this trip had left a mark with the class as they decided to sing a song at the assembly inspired by their fun and insightful field trip experience called, “The Pizza Song”! They then summarised their learning with each student sharing a painting they made of tools they chose. They each took turns to share the functions of their tool and the how their tool of choice is used to help people, their lives and their work. 
It was especially exciting to see the students of Peace & Unity share with eloquence and confidence the learning they gained during the course of the term as they showcased an increased ability to make connections and a growth in their capacity to reflect on the key concepts for their unit of inquiry.
To close, the class bid everyone goodbye with a song they sing in the classroom everyday, leaving all in happy spirits. Thank you Peace & Unity students and teachers for presenting a creative sharing of your learning and to all parents for contributing towards this process!