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Joy & Confidence Assembly

On March 30, 2017, our Joy & Confidence class (2-3 years) took center stage as they shared with us a presentation of their learning throughout the term. For their latest unit of inquiry, the class went into an exploration about the Earth’s natural resources and how this helps us learn more about the environment we live in. In conjunction with this, the Joy & Confidence class also learned about recycling - how it’s done as well as the significance of this simple, yet, meaningful act in creating a better environment for all. 
The assembly began with each student introducing themselves as they sang a song called, ‘Hello! How are you?’ - a regular routine they carry out every morning in the classroom. In relation to what they have been learning, the class also sang another song centred around the theme of the environment called, ‘I Love the Whole World” also known as the ‘Boom-dee-ya-dah Song’. The song highlighted all the amazing features of our natural world - the mountains, trees, oceans. They also shared with us a collaborative art piece made by the entire class. This was a significant outcome from the course of the term as the children focused on self-management and social skills which was then applied together as they worked on this art piece with collaboration and cooperation.
During the assembly, it was heartwarming to see how the students of Joy & Confidence have grown, exhibiting in many ways how they have developed important traits of the IB learner profile - being risk takers, communicators and thinkers. The assembly was overall, a joyful experience for all as we shared in the wonderful insights of the class and in enjoying glimpses into their exploration for the term. Thank you students and teachers of Joy & Confidence for sharing your learning!