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Open House Mornings

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The Open House Mornings at Magic Years International School (MYIS) took place from October 11-20, 2016, providing parents an opportunity to become familiar with the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) curriculum and to gain information about the learning experiences taking place in Term 1. This year we witnessed excellent participation from our families in each of the Open House Mornings - with some classes seeing more than 90% parent attendance.
MYIS Open House Mornings are designed to give parents a chance to observe their child’s learning environment as well as allow parents and teachers to continue to build and strengthen their relationships. As a result, the Open House Mornings continue to be an exciting platform for home-school partnerships.
Within the session, teachers shared how the IB PYP Program unfolds in the classroom. Parents could find out, make connections, ask questions, and appreciate the authentic PYP teaching and learning experiences that make up the MYIS “taught curriculum”. 
The Open House Mornings agenda emphasized the inquiry process that began in the classrooms during the first half of the term, and placed a strong focus on understanding the five essential elements of the PYP (Knowledge, Skills, Concepts, Attitudes, Action) and the Learner Profile
The following questions were used in the session to provide a framework of uncovering the enduring understandings:
  • Concepts: What do we want students to understand? 
  • Knowledge: What do we want students to know? 
  • Skills: What do we want students to be able to do? 
  • Attitudes: How do we want students to feel? 
  • Action: How do we want students to act as a result of their learning?
  • Learner Profile: How do we want students to embed international mindedness? 
Overall, it was a successful week of advancing home-school connections in teaching and learning. The commitment of parents to participate in the learning journey of their children was once again a testament to the high levels of collaboration and solidarity existing within the Magic Years community.
2016/2017 Open House Mornings