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First Assembly at the New Campus

On January 26th 2017, our Lower Primary class started us off on our class assemblies for the second term of the 2016/2017 academic year. They were the the first class to host an assembly for the new term and the first to be held at the new school campus. Hence, it was a special one!
In their latest Unit of Inquiry, the class explored different forms of art and how it can be used to express themselves. At this assembly, the class decided to connect what they have been learning to the excitement and appreciation they felt about the new school campus. In their efforts to “bring spirit and good cheer” to the school, the class brainstormed ideas as to how they could do this best. They eventually agreed to create some cheers and came up with suggestions for a school mascot. 
One of the students took initiative after the discussions with her class and came up with a prototype for a school pom-pom - she then shared the idea with her class. This was shared with everyone at the assembly, taking the audience through the creative process she went through to make these pom-poms from scratch. The entire class then joined her on stage for a lively, enthusiastic percussion ensemble where they also displayed how the pom-poms could be used. It was a wonderful performance by the class - exemplifying qualities of cooperation, creativity and joyfulness. Next, they each shared the many creative ideas they had for a school mascot that would embody the spirit and essence of Magic Years.
At the very end, the Lower Primary class got everyone up on their feet and taught the audience the cheers they came up with. They got the whole crowd standing and created an atmosphere of excitement in the air as they chanted out their cheers with a joyous energy!
All in all, it was a wonderful first assembly held at the new Samakee campus filled with many happy moments of shared excitement for the new school grounds. We are thankful for the enthusiastic participation of all the students of Grades 1-2 and their teachers who so dedicatedly put together a very memorable assembly for our Magic Years community.