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Excellence Class Assembly

  • Kindergarten IB Program Thailand
The second assembly of the 2016-2017 academic year at Magic Years International School (MYIS) was hosted by the Excellence Class (Kindergarten) on November 24, 2016. 
The Excellence Class presented learning from their latest Unit of Inquiry which revolved around the concept of “collaboration” and working together effectively. The students discussed how they started this journey working in pairs or in groups and they need to be good listeners, respectful, open-minded, and good problem-solvers. The first thing that students discovered was to be a good collaborator, they also had to be good problem-solver. Furthermore, they explored collaboration through an in-class project in which they created a “classroom book”. Each student presented their work to the audience in the assembly. 
Next, students in the Excellence Class collaborated with their Music Teacher to perform a Ghanaian traditional music and body percussion performance. Students demonstrated to the audience how they connected musical elements with art. The performance began with body percussion, then students played the xylophone and they sang along to the rhythm. As students left the stage, they each picked up a sponge soaked with watercolor to gradually decorate the blank canvas, creating a colorful tree as the stage backdrop. With their performance during the assembly, the Excellence Class revealed what it means to achieve beauty through effective collaboration.