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Earth Week & Art Exhibition 2017

On April 25-28, 2017, our school community participated in our annual Earth Week celebrations. This was a time for us to celebrate, appreciate and reflect upon the wonders of our natural world and our role in preserving it. In conjunction with the week’s celebrations, we also took the opportunity to promote greener ways of living such as recycling, reusing and reducing the waste that we as a school community produce.
To kick things off, our Grade 1-2 students hosted an opening assembly and introduced us to a seed’s growth journey through a creative musical performance called ‘One Seed’. It was a wonderful start to Earth Week as they reminded us about the significance of every living organism in this world in contributing towards the environment’s natural cycles of life, be it big like a tree or small like a seed. 
Our school also observed Earth Hour as a means to promote the conservation of energy, beginning with simple practices we can adopt ourselves on school grounds. As a start, each class chose an hour of their time to use the least amount of electricity possible. 
Another exciting event that happened during Earth Week was the planting of a new tree at the small playground area. Students actively engaged in this process by helping the maintenance crew dig the soil to prepare for the planting of this new tree. Students from the Excellence Class (Kindergarten) who have been learning about plants and how they grow also had the chance to take part in the actual planting of the tree into the prepared soil. Everyone worked together to carry the tree from where it was stored all the way to its final place in the soil, making for a successful attempt!
A goal that was set out for this year’s Earth Week was to create a more green and healthy environment in the school. As such, fundraising events and the selling of natural crafts made by our students were held in order to raise enough funds to purchase new trees to be planted on campus grounds. On the second day of Earth Week, parents and all of the school community were invited to place bids on art pieces that were put up for an Earth Week Art Exhibition. Students also made wonderful natural craft pieces made out of wood and clay which were also up for sale at a Marketplace set up for the week’s festivities. Through these efforts, the school raised a total amount of 40,000 baht which was then used to fund the purchase of new trees for the new campus.
For the closing assembly, the Lower Primary Class shared what they have learned in their latest unit of inquiry about water and the dangers of throwing plastic waste into the ocean, the ways in which it affects the survival of marine life and the life of our waters. In addition to this, many shared their reflections and learnings gained throughout the week. Some shared the experiences they had during Earth Hour and the challenges faced with little to no electricity. Despite their struggles, a common reflection was a heightened appreciation for electricity in our daily lives and the need for all of us to be wise in its usage if we are to ensure its sustainability in the long run.
Overall, Earth Week celebrations was an insightful time for our entire school community as we learned more about Mother Earth and as we reflected on the ways we as individuals and as a community can contribute towards the sustainability of our natural world for today’s generation and for those to come.