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Back to School Night 2016

  • Back To School Night 2016

We would like to thank our parents for attending Back to School Night (BTSN) on August 24, 2016. This event marked our last BTSN in the current campus before we move to our new home in Samakee in January 2017.

Key Goals of BTSN:

  • Share information about the new MYIS campus
  • Establish communication with teacher
  • Build relationships with other parents
  • Understand the curriculum and learning spaces
The evening began with an information sharing session about the new campus. The talented Upper Primary students ran a trivia game in which parents of each class teamed up to answer questions about the new campus. Examples of the questions asked by our Upper Primary students were the number of playgrounds, shapes of the playground, size of the new campus, etc. The session was filled with interesting information and entertainment.
After the trivia game, the parents went to their child’s classroom to meet with other parents and to meet with their child’s Head Teacher to learn about the class curriculum, skills continuum, and learning objectives. Moreover, each class had an update on classroom blog posts and an introduction to Seesaw, an online platform of students’ learning.
The evening ended with a reflection session in which parents provided feedback of what they liked most about BTSN and what could be improved for next year.
We would like to thank our BTSN Committee for doing a fantastic job in organizing the event. We would also like to thank our parents once again for their enthusiastic participation. This great event would not have been possible without your support!
Back to School Night 2016