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Facilities & Services

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Facilities & Services

Friday, 17 February 2017 - 3:11pm

Magic Years is located in a quiet, gated residential area in suburban Bangkok.

The facilities in our campus have been designed to promote learning and to create a nurturing environment suitable for children ranging in age from 1 to 7 years.

All classrooms are large with ample natural light, dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces, and learning centers designed and changed regularly to stimulate and educate while providing the 'space to be children'.


In addition to our bright, spacious classrooms, the school enjoys unique facilities and spaces built to enrich our learning environment:

School Facilities


A large field and large playground equipped with fine white sand, swing sets, monkey bars and a jungle gym allow children to interact with nature and the outdoors, engage in imaginary play, and develop physical strength and social skills.

School Playground

Swimming Pool: 

A salt-water swimming pool purpose-built for young children promotes health and fitness, water confidence, safety and risk-taking.


An exciting school library with a growing collection of children’s books serves as a valuable resource and learning tool for children and families alike.

School Library


A multi-purpose gym room fitted with rubber-padded flooring serves as a convenient space for music class, indoor gym, ballet and Tae Kwon Do.

School Gym

Soccer Field: 

A miniature soccer field with lush green grass and fitted with goal posts allows children to develop an appreciation for playing sports and staying fit.

School Soccer Field

Basketball Court: 

A child-sized basketball court and volleyball court allows children to develop from a young age essential physical skills such as ball control, hand-eye coordination, balance and agility.

School Basketball


Outdoor cafeteria “salas” create a comfortable, scenic area for children to enjoy snack and lunch while developing lifelong eating habits.

School Cafeteria

Woodworking Shed: 

A woodworking shed complete with specially-designed tools and materials fosters creativity, problem-solving, fine motor skills, an awareness of safety and a love of carpentry!

School Wood Shop

Gardening Fields: 

Outdoor gardening fields and a farm provide children the opportunity to engage in gardening projects and to learn how to care for living things.

School Gardening

Recycling Shed: 

A recycling shed encourages children to collect and sort recyclable materials understanding their role in helping to conserve the earth’s resources.

School Recycling

Clay Studio: 

A clay studio complete with natural molding clay, a potter’s wheel and sculpting tools develops children’s sensory development and self-expression.

School Clay Studio